@dna Despite attacks, France to go ahead with climate summit

France plans to go ahead with a globalclimate change summit in Paris at the end of the month, the prime minister said on Saturday, despite a wave of deadly attacks on Friday night that killed 127 people in the capital…Read more


@newzynet Climate Change Might Affect Mood and Sexual Activity

Uh oh. Climate change is coming for your sex life. The world is depending on you.

Newly released research suggests that as the planet’s temperature increases, people may feel less inclined to have sex. While climate change may be disinterested and mercurial, this does not translate to sexiness, and many people find reading about climate change to be a bore…Read more

@lindaikeji Graduate paraded as a robbery suspect says he was forced to give false statement by the police at gunpoint

30-year-old graduate, Daniel Yosua, who was paraded by the Lagos State Police Command, along with other suspects said he was forced at gunpoint  to give a false statement when he arrived at the Mile 12 Police station to report a street fight.
Yosua, a native of Okpara, Delta State,said that he was arrested and detained after he got to the Police station…Read more

@cnn What will two-child China look like?

From street corners to social media, Chinese have hailed the ending of the country’s one-child policy — but it seems few rushed to their bedrooms to celebrate.

“I want to have a second child but I won’t,” said Wendy Zhang, a 33-year-old pharmacist in Xi’an. “We both have to work, so no one would have time to take care of our children and our life would be too stressful.”..Read

@LeadershipaNGA Reps Wade Into Planned UK Deportation Of 29000 Nigerians

The House of Representatives yesterday directed its Committee on Diaspora and Foreign Affairs to liaise with the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the British High Commission over the planned deportation of 29,000 Nigerians from the United Kingdom.

The resolution also urged the committee to if necessary, summon the British High Commissioner to Nigeria to explain the reasons behind the planned mass deportation.Read more

@nationalaccord FIFA Presidency: Blatter backs Nigeria’s Orji Kalu

Suspended FIFA president Sepp Blatter, has declared support for Nigeria’s Orji Kalu to succeed him.
Kalu, a former Governor of Abia State, north-east Nigeria, is gunning for FIFA top job alongside an ex-international, Segun Odegbami.
While Odegbami has formally declared his bid and appears to be enjoying the backing of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Orji Kalu on his part is yet to formally declare his ambition..Read more

@guardian Argentina’s presidential election headed for second round after no clear…

Argentina’s voters set the stage for a bruising presidential run-off next month after a surprise first round on Sunday in which Daniel Scioli – the candidate of the ruling Peronist coalition – was denied an outright victory.

The centre-left candidate, who was endorsed by outgoing president Cristina Read more

@bellanaija This 22 Year Old Nigerian-British Vlogger makes $4.5 million a year – Forbes

Forbes released its first-ever Top earning YouTube stars list aka the “YouTube Millionaires list” and it is a must read for aspiring and current internet entrepreneurs. We’ll take you through the list, however, it is worthy to note that 22 Year Old Nigerian-British YouTuber Olajide “JJ” Olatunji best known by his YouTube username KSI is on the list!Read more

YAHOO: Clinton deflects Republican criticism in marathon Benghazi hearing

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton passed a tough political test on Thursday, calmly deflecting harsh Republican criticism of her handling of the deadly 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya, during a testy 11-hour hearing in Congress..read more


By Orisafunfun

I could remember in the early 90s, when my parents were always happy as fleas in a doghouse whenever they came back from work, but how come I am not happy at both work and home?

I work in a shopping complex where all the companies are famous of running bait and ship advertisement. Unfortunately, the best way they have decided to achieve there aims are by using sound system at the front of their shops with sound of generators crying at the highest decibels.

Yesterday, after work,I broke out in a cold sweat while I was approaching home because I would not stop thinking about the Pentecostal Churches at the back of my house. Please, does a congregation with less than 25 members need a loud speaker? They say noise is derived from the latin word, nausea, i.e. it has negative medical effect. Also, scientists have proven that noise increases high blood pressure in several ways. If Churches preached that my body is God’s Sanctuary, why helping me to destroy it?

Good wine needs no advert. If  the disciples did not call themselves Christains untill Antioch called them Christains, it shows that Christainity is a behaviour and not by disturbing the neighbourhood with some advertisement. I wish Churches and Mosques that are not considerate can be relocated to the Industrial Estates where noise is not a polution.

Is absence of Colonialism increasing unemployment in Nigeria?

On October 1, 1960, when we chased the whites out of our country, we taught our reserved natural resources as aces up our sleeves, but what has 55 years of indigenous leadership done?

Before saying a mouthful, let me ask you this, have you worked directly under a white boss? (A white boss is not Chinese, Arab or Indian that have taken over our production companies), I hope you know that. Would you say that your experience under Indigenous supervisor is better than the white’s? I guess it is a rhetorical question.

Few months ago, I went to a school along Lagos/Epe express way to make a personal enquiry. I was surprised when I saw the Vice Counsellor eating among the students in the same refectory. If memory serves well, the only time I saw the indigenous VC of my Alma-mater was in a frame, on the senate building’s wall. Do you think a canteen that feeds the VC of a school can be disorganised or folded up? What psychological effect will this have on both staff and students? John C Maxwell said – people don’t care how much you know- until they know how much you care. I.e., workers increase their dedication to work in the presence of kindness.

Is our carelessness or local pride gradually reducing the reputation of our blue chip companies? On May Day, one of my friends angrily came back from work and told me to help him preview his resignation letter. The last time he received accolade/ bonus from work was three years ago when the General Manager was a white man. Luckily, my friend got a better job after a week. Yesterday, October 13, while we were chatting, he told me that his former company employed a new staff and paid him twice of his former salary. But same former-company is still begging him to come back and teach the new staff the trick of the trade. I wouldn’t know his final decision, but he sounded adamant, despite their intention to pay him heavily.

What happened to the Schools the Government annexed from the orthodox missionaries? What happened to the Companies that used to have Europeans and Americans CEOs? Now, most of my childhood friends are either further-studying abroad, working abroad, or looking for way to bail out Naija. If Moses cannot split the red sea, he should lead us back to Egypt na. Please, give us back our dependence!!! We no sabi this independence o!


I might be arrested if I talked about Diezani Madueke’s fraud – McSkill Tha Preacha

Whatdnewssay: You are welcome, Mc Skill tha Preacha. We have been following your dedication to hiphop culture..

McSkill Tha Preacher: Its all love family.

Whatdnewssay: Generally, every Emcee is a Political rapper. How do you think Madueke’s Arrest would affect your lyrics if you have to rap about politics?

Mcskill Tha Preacha: You know me fam, if I’m to go political on a record, then I’m gonna be as outspoken as possible… The timeless 80 Bars of Revelation I released in 2012 is proof of how outspoken i could get when it comes to politics,  also my record I did for the Bring Bring Back our Girls campaign was also that way. So, on this current issue rocking the nation at the moment, i will probably get arrested if i put out a record that focuses on Mrs Diezani *laughs* but still we gotta talk cos that’s what we do.

Whatdnewssay: Wow..MCskill never change! Do you think Nigerian Old rappers are helping the Hip-hop community?

MCskill Tha Preacha: They’re not that old lol but in my opinion, They are not doing that at the moment. Nobody wanna pull anyone up but its all good, We will survive. I don’t wanna talk much on this, but Hip Hop is me and you, its the collective consciousness and participation that makes us Hip Hop. Every hiphoppa out there have to start helping one another either young or old. A younger emcee should be able to reach out to these older guys for a collaboration and it should get done so far the young cat is dope.

Whatdnewssay: Conscious!

Mcskill Tha Preacha: lol

Whatdnewssay: If you have the opportunity, what society issues would you like to correct?

Mcskill Tha Preacha: Ethnicity and Religion. We claim to be one Nigeria but a yoruba parent would oppose his child getting married to an igbo and an igbo would oppose an hausa and so on. Its so bad at the moment and the issue of religion is also a big issue in the society now… Christians and Muslims both serve the same God but they don’t see it that way. To me,  God exists but religion doesn’t. I hope my generation would be able to fix this collectively.

Whatdnewssay:Hmm…Can you tell us more about your brand..what should your fans be expecting?

Mcskill Tha Preacha: I gotta re-introduce myself yeah? Lol

My brand is Hip Hop and so far I’ve been able to put out six studio projects in four years. I’m currently working on my 7th studio album titled “Diary Of A Supernatural” which will be released digitally next year and of course the lead single “Stay Shining ft. Sigrin Royce” will be released Friday, October 9th. Over the years,  I’ve focused on pushing my brand and music not just locally but also internationally because of the way Hip Hop and rap music’s acceptability is in Nigeria at the moment. So far, its been working really well as I’ve featured on international websites and magazines, had radio spins on US,  UK, Germany and Polish radio stations and recently got featured on the SoundFan website who promoted the likes of Fetty Wap on XXL magazine’s freshmen edition.

And also, The Temple of Hip Hop, Miami Division is currently working on an international fundraising mixtape which is due for release this November (Hip Hop History Month) and I’m glad to be part of that project as i have a record on it. We working hard with Desire One,  Minista Zin Uru and my brothas in J-town to bring the Temple down here to Nigeria so people can have a deeper understanding of the culture. Much respect to the blastmaster KRS-One who put this Ministry together in 1996.

Asides music,  i’m an agronomist. Common name – farmer *laughs* and I’m also putting in a lot of work in that field to generate funds.

Whatdnewssay: McSkill is actually on the ball…Thank you sir for spending your time with us…we hope to have another section with you soon.

MCskill Tha Preacha: Thanks for having me fam… I hope we do this again soon. God bless.

Why rational fathers should not call Buhari, ‘’Change’’

In words of one syllable, how would you convince your daughter that having a chocolate factory is better than the chocolate in her hands?

I happily grinned from ear to ear when Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) announced General Muhammadu Buhari, as the winner of the last Presidential Election. Without pulling punches, since he resumed office, there have been considerable changes in the Country. But, can the change last?

If we are lucky to have good leaders for the next 100 years, no doubt, our country would be on the pig’s back. But what happens again, when a new leader doesn’t run a taut ship? Should our children drown like we did?

If we continue to put money where power is, the difference becomes blurring. I do not blame corrupt executives and legislatures but I condemn the system that gives them opportunity to meet Judiciary and even bypass them. The constitution is too flexible for the Executives and Legislature. A nation we want to will to our children’s children uses 50 percent of her revenue to pay Executives and Legislature, 10 percent for Judiciary and 10 percent for civil servants. Can 30 percent bring a sustainable true change?

I would say, what a nation needs is not a wrap of chocolate (i.e. good leaders) but a consistent chocolate factory (i.e. good constitution) where you can have both wrap and excess to share. Nigeria’s wealth can take care of Africa if we have a better constitution.


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